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Hello! And Welcome to L33T CRAFT!

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Happy Holidays!

Bunni1337 AdminOwner posted Dec 23, 16

Happy Holidays L33t Crafters!

Just a quick update!

Spawn has been winterized! Pop into the server to check out the winter wonderland that is spawn. Decked out with an XMas tree, holiday lights, and giant snowman and more! [special shops sales going on at spawn]

Snowball fights will be hosted on December 21th! [Due to schedule issues the snowball fight tourney will also be held on Xmas Eve. We will be on all day hosting and participating in arena snowball fights! Special prize to the overall winner.

Winter Village under construction this week! Will be open by Xmas Eve! Discover it to get plenty of gifts & treats! Hidden gifts will be located all around the Winter Village!

[ Some xtra special gifts will appear on christams eve for thoes who happen to pop in! ]

Best Christmas lights on your house/base contest! Winner with nicest setup gets a prize! Will be judged by Neko on Xmas Eve. Please submit your name on the list in the forum if your participating! [Survival Players Only]

Thats all for now crafters! You have a happy and safe Holiday!

Stay Crafty,


[Some photos of winter Spawn]

We've Updated!!

Bunni1337 AdminOwner posted Dec 9, 16

Hello Hello L33t Crafters!

We have updated our modpack! The following mods have been added:

Asgard Shield

Balkon's Weapon Mod

Better Bows  [Removed due to crashing]


Harken Scythe

Pams Harvest Craft

Legend Gear

Pams Wee Flowers

Secret Rooms

Simply Horses


Unique Artifacts [removed due to crashing]

Flan's Mod + Weapon Pack

Also in the update the issue with the Portal Gun Mod has been fixed. All players can now hear sound.

Power armor files have been updated, your icons should appear correctly now.

Forum fix for laggy pipes has been implimented. All players should expirence less lag around items that used to cause lag.

If you expirence any crashes or issues with the updates please post about it in the forum! We need to know these things <3

The server is up to day as well and ready to play as soon as you Update through your technic launcher!

[FTB has changed. We will be adding a download to the classic FTB launcher and new instructions on how to still play through the classic FTB launcher. NOT Curse. I'll figureout how to edit curse someday.]

Hope you enjoy all the new stuff! New Flowers, over 100 new foods to make and eat! Horses are now tameable!

And soo much more! ENJOY

Stay Crafty,

- Bunni1337

New Look! New Theme! Same L33T

Bunni1337 AdminOwner posted Oct 22, 16

Hellooo Helloooo!

      Hi again to all the crafters out there. We've update our website! Horray! Hope you all like the new sleeker look. Along with our new look we have a new theme of our server with matching spawn. Hope it looks a little less childish and a tad more professional ^_^.

  We're trying to veer away from kid oriented to more of a broad player base. Everyone from 5-100 is more than welcome to hop on and enjoy our 24/7 live server :D All we ask is if you are under 15 please let us know, vulgar language and/or certain topics are not permitted while anyone under 15 is logged into the server.

  We are very close to being "Officially" open. All that means is we will be posting entires for our server on all the major server sites, Yogcast, MCPlanet, Planet Minecraft etc., advertising the server, getting the word out we exist. Also we will be doing some advertising on Planet Minecraft, and we will be attending a upcoming Gaming convention in November. There we will be passing out L33t Craft Merch as well as Flyers and Posters.

  A minor technical note. Warps have been fixed, evidently they weren't working for some of the warps. Also the sapling issue is being looked into during this evenings maintenance.  Dungeons will be added tonite as well.

  If anyone comes across an item that either has an inventory, can be looked into, or machine, that does not auto lock when they place it, please let us know via PM and itwill be added to LWC's protection list.

  Final note, anyone having fun with Force Wrench and/or Omni wrench, if you find any item in spawn (other than lamps, were already aware) that can be wrenched, please let us know so it can be fixed. If you can wrench it @ spawn then that means someone could wrench it off your property that's claimed, so its just as good for you to report it as it is for us.

Also would like to shot out to BrigGen and xNyix for all their donations and support! We've nearly reached our monthly goal!

Thanks for playing!

Stay Crafty,


Site Re-Vamp Coming Soon!

Bunni1337 AdminOwner posted Oct 28, 15


To mark the end of Open-Beta, and the beginning just just regular open, the website will be getting a full makeover.

The minecrafy theme stuff is on the way out and L33tCraft custom themed is on the way in.  Along with a few new areas of the site, the old area will be getting a touch up. Everything but the forum will be getting a makeover :D!

I have been working diligently on spawn, its nearly done just some prices to put up and 3 more shops to design the interior.

I took a moment a while back and paused on spawn, which is why it isn't done yett, and I completed the playershops. They are there, and safe, and ready to rent. Only one shop per player, if caught renting two, one will be destroyed and items not reimbursed. The roads leading from spawn and to the shops are also safe. Safe from pvp, monster damage and grief. Player shops are North East of spawn. Follow the roads.

New Haven will be completed shortly after spawn. For thoes of you unfimillar with New Haven, it is what spawn is acutually named. New Haven, the City you spawn into when your adventure on our server starts. The area of New Haven I am reffering to that will be complete is the town part. New Haven has a rental area, a luxury starter community for new players to settle into while they gather supplies and prepare to begin their own home/town/fort. For a low cost you will be able to rent a lovely home and build freely inside of it. A small feature to help players who just joined be safe and have a home to gather supplies in while exploring our world and finding a nice place to settle.

Ooookay troops. Thats it for now. All these news posts will be cleared when the site revamps, so read it now and ejoy the new look when its here! :D :D



Bunni1337 AdminOwner posted Feb 23, 15

Hey hey hey!


 Hey guys, quick note to say I've figured out the issues with Project Red + Buildcraft. We now have project red. No glitches, visual issues, and u dont crash on page 7 in creative. :D Yay.


Also our Technic page is alive and updated, New pics and links!

Were a .com!!  Yes thats right! You can now get here via l33tcrafters.com :D That also means you no longer need the ip to login to the server!!! just play.l33tcrafters.com and vola, your in!


Please note you must delete us from yor technic, or get the new files for the ftb method, to login now that we have project red! :D


Stay Crafty,



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